About Us


          ANTAKYA İpekçilik started its business life by reflecting its 97 years of experience and experience in 2007 in İshakpaşa Street Cankurtaran Fatih İSTANBUL. Since 2007, the company has renewed its vision and has continued to serve its customers at the same address.
          ANTAKYA İpekçilik uses all its endeavors and opportunities to serve you better.
ANTAKYA Silk has adopted a philosophy based on honesty, truth, human love and commercial ethics.
          ANTAKYA İpekçilik is a company that takes trade as a principle not only for its own interests but also for mutual interests. Our first principle is to provide you with the best goods and services in accordance with the market conditions in today's competitive conditions.
We always aim to support our customers with different, competitively high products, to develop products that will go beyond the original designs and expectations, and to consume our products in a profitable and fast manner.
ANTAKYA İpekçilik is a company which enriches and increases its collections every season. ANTAKYA İpekçilik, which transforms the works within itself with a pleasant visuality, shares this pleasure and accumulation with our valued customers. This close relationship provides ANTAKYA İpekçilik with significant gains in combining the rising trends of the day with consumer demands.
Our company has always been the first company since its establishment. It has never done its work in the mind of a copycat mentality. Our company has no need for such a mentality. It has become a company that has been appreciated by not being imitated.
We reflect the care and diligence in our works to our customers in the best way and offer them as a service. We always show the quality and service that is the first among our principles.
In terms of quality, we have never produced goods and services that will be faced by people as a problem. In order to stand in a competitive environment in the market, to undermine the property of others, to produce cheap goods and to distribute to consumers, to keep the same quality as the high quality goods with low quality goods to behave in a way that does not fit in the business ethics and behavior as a firm is definitely not a behavior.
In this article, which we have presented to our valued customers, it is our aim to share with you the working sacrifice of our company and what rules we work with, and to help you make sure that you are working with a company.