Terms & Conditions

Customer Relations Manifesto

1- Innovation, entrepreneurship, sustainability and customer oriented thinking guide

all our activities aiming at bringing dreams to life. Our fundamental principle is to offer

our customers quality, rapid, pioneering and reliable services and to provide a perfect

and distinctive experience.

2- We establish open feedback mechanisms to listen to our customers in all our

companies. Our customers can easily access customer services after sales as well

through various channels.

3- We attach importance to establishing long-term relationships with our customers.

In order to transform this process into a perfect experience, we monitor, measure and

prepare reports on our customers’ satisfaction at regular intervals with mechanisms

such as perception surveys and satisfaction polls. We monitor changing customer

expectations, assess the feedback we have received and take pioneering actions in

areas open to improvement.

4- We pay attention to feedback from our distributors and authorised service providers

who are constantly in contact with the customer. We learn the priorities of our

customers in different regions thanks to our broad network of distributors and

authorised service providers.

5- We attach maximum importance to our customers’ feedback. We share these with

senior executives, assess every one of them carefully and take the necessary actions.

6- We train our employees and distributors and authorised service providers who are

in direct contact with the customer regarding customer experience and enhance their

expertise and development.

7- We use our customers’ proposals to improve our products and services and carry

out open innovation in every appropriate area along with our customers.

8- Within the framework of responsible marketing principles, we adopt an approach

taking into account social differences, respectful to human rights, fair, transparent,

open and which shares correct information in communicating our products and

services. We communicate with the goal of raising customers’ and consumers’

awareness regarding environmental and social issues.